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McKenzie River Edition

McKenzie River Edition takes you to 36 scenic spots along Oregon's McKenzie River; including waterfalls, trails, scenic byways, big trees and covered bridges. Collect a locally made, trackable geocoin. Look for a second edition and connecting coin in the spring.

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10th GeoTour in the World

Travel Lane County launched this GeoTour on October 20, 2012. 14 groups made it back to the Adventure Center before 6 p.m. that same day to collect their coin. People continue to visit the Adventure Center every day to get more information about the tour, or collect their coin. Here is what people are saying:

"Really enjoyed our time on the GeoTour. Spent a lot of time at each cache area. Spent over an hour at Proxy Falls and Belknap Hot Springs. Really opened our eyes to how much there is to do up the River. We’ll be visiting most of the places again."


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Monthly Meetings are held at member’s locations, alternating from lower/mid to upper river. Monthly meetings are held every third Thursday of each month at 12 noon. Details are posted on Events page.

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